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New YA Romance Serial Novel - The Sunshine Time

Releasing Today - The Sunshine Time - YA Romance Novel Serial.

Blurb - 

The times are turbulent, and so are the romantic tangles.

18 year old Lea Chantry moves to Alsalem with her family and begins her first year as a Fine Art Student at the Eirwen Art College at the Alsalem State University. Irreverent, imaginative, and talented, she struggles to fit into the university social scene while remaining true to herself. Being officially an adult, she discovers, is not the complete breeze she had thought it would be.

Meeting the charismatic music student, Guy Caraindon, creates a seismic upheaval in her life that is as unexpected as it is bewildering. Is this renowned crackpot really the one true love that her favorite romance authors said everyone finds once in one lifetime? Or is Mr. Right just a trope best avoided by sensible people?

A coming of age tale recounted with humor and sensitivity, The Sunshine Time by writer and illustrator Sonal Panse is a YA romance that will remind you of the time when the world seemed to have happy surprises every day and there were wonderful adventures to be had just around the corner.

Episode 1 - On the long train journey from Samanbar to her new home in Alsalem, 18 year old Lea Chantry is intrigued by a handsome and taciturn Mitrione officer, quite enough to disregard the deep-rooted familial hatred of the dreaded paramilitary force and make a nuisance of herself. 

Episode 2 - Surviving the Kirzheik Liberation Front's attempt to derail the train and rescuing Lieutenant Shaughnessy from the unwanted advances of a female soldier, Lea Chantry finds her train journey taking on unexpectedly romantic hues.

'The Sunshine Time' is a serial novel; that is, it is a continuing story with related episodes. The episodes need to be read in sequence. This is not a standalone novel. Please be aware of this.

Each episode will be published on a fortnightly schedule (that is, every two weeks). At present, 30 episodes are planned for Season 1.

Read the excerpts of the first two episodes - 

The Sunshine Time Season 1 Episode 1

Written by Sonal Panse

New Release - Adult Coloring Book - The Mermaids of Quirly

Our new coloring book for adults 'The Mermaids Of Quirly' is available now on Amazon. It contains 30 black and white intricate drawings of mermaids, and will be much fun to color. As ever, I had a great time myself doing the drawings.

Written by Sonal Panse

New Release - Picture Book - Good Morning, Chickalina

Our new children's picture book Good Morning, Chickalina! is finally available on Amazon.

The blurb reads - 

"This charming, illustrated book introduces beginner readers to Chickalina, a good little chick who likes to help her parents, Papa Rooster and Mama Hen, whenever possible. In this story, Papa Rooster has a bad cold and something must be done so that he won't miss the Kuk Kudu Ku when the sun rises.

This is the first of a series of Chickalina picture books, featuring Chickalina's family and their various animal and human friends. Wild animals, domestic animals, farm animals (none of whom are ever, ever, ever, eaten!) and civilized human beings predominate in these wonderful children's books."

I had a lot of fun writing and illustrating this picture book. The illustrations, of course, took a lot longer than the writing, and just when I thought I was done, I remembered I hadn't illustrated the various herbs that Chickalina collects from her friends. So I did those and added them to the main illustrations. And then I realized Chickalina needed a little basket to carry them in, and so that was put in too.

I'm pretty well satisfied with this book - it's one that will stand on its own.

Written by Sonal Panse
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