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Writing, Reading, and Propaganda

A look at how reading influences writing and how writers must be aware of how propaganda works.

Writing is one of those complex skills that can be taught only so far and no further. Once you know how the grammar works and have a fair amount of vocabulary in the arsenal, you are on your own as regards to how you put everything together and create what can credibly be described as good writing. By good writing, I mean a work which, along with an elegant turn of phrasing, shows clarity of expression and clarity of thought, makes the precise point it wants to, and can be reasonably understood by a knowledgeable audience, should they choose to read it.

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Written by Sonal Panse

Character Drawings for Pauli The Pirate

These are the character drawings of the main character, Pauli, from our upcoming children's picture book 'Pauli The Pirate'.

It took me quite a while to come up with a character I liked.

I've done 30 character drawings in different poses, and now I'm going to trace the drawings on to cartridge sheets and color them in watercolor. I will paint the other characters - the parrot and the tiger - and the backgrounds - jungle and ocean scenes - separately, and then, once I'm done, I will combine everything on the computer and give the illustrations any additional touches if needed.

It's a very fun book to work on and I'm enjoying myself tremendously!

I hope to finish it this month.

Written by Sonal Panse
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