Maysun In C


Illustration Friday – Survival

The Giant Squid came at us suddenly. It was very angry, as anyone would be, I expect, if you invaded their home under the guise of exploration. It was a lesson for us. The next time we went where no human has ever gone before, we made sure we didn’t undermine the existing inhabitants.

Written by Sonal Panse

Illustration Friday – Pattern

They told her that there was a pattern to everything. It might not seem obvious right now, but there was. She would find out. It was part of growing up.

It wasn’t what she wanted to hear, that same old banality that everyone repeated. She didn’t want to be told that there was a pattern to everything. She wanted to know how to design a life that would stand out from the common pattern.

The problem was, if anyone did have this wisdom to dispense and she followed it, she would find herself enmeshed right back into the human fabric, a part of yet another pattern.

Written by Sonal Panse
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