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Upcoming Coloring Book - The Mermaids Of Quirly

I've nearly finished working on our upcoming coloring book 'The Mermaids Of Quirly'. The above  rough pencil illustration is illustration number 30. I'll ink this today, along with the front cover, and then I'm done with this book.

Next in the pipeline are 'The Dragons Of Quirly', 'The Birds Of Quirly', and 'The Musicians Of Quirly'.

Written by Sonal Panse

The Sprain

So I've gone and sprained my right hand

Go on and ask how

'Cause I'll be happy to tell you

It happened like this

There were two little doggies

And they got into a fine fight

And pitched it up to an extraordinary height

Without needing any third party involvement

But there I went and got involved all the same

And just for some peace and quiet, tried to collar both of them 

Well, it didn't work

It turned out to be a mistake.

We ended up making an absolute din

And to make the long story short

In the excitement of it all, my hand collided with a painting frame

And wood proved stronger than bone

It necessitated a visit to the family doctor

I had to walk quite a way in the sun

And then I had to walk quite a way back again

And now I don't know what pains me the most

The sun-stroke or the sprain.

P.S - This means, painting project on a bit of a hold. I may console myself with poetry. Beware.

P.P.S - The doggies are fine, uninjured, and unrepentant.

Written by Sonal Panse
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