I fractured my hand on 8th June, which means no artwork for rather a long while, at least two months, and so, instead, I decided to get started with a project I've had in mind for quite sometime - creating cooking videos. Making an actual lemonade since I had been handed a lemon, so to speak.

I love to cook, and I thought it might be fun to make videos recording the process. So we plunged right in on 12th June and got started with the food that we eat everyday. It has been fun. The videos are spare, to the point, no fudging around, and we have been enjoying ourselves immensely, and that is really the main thing. It can only get better from here onward. We'll learn as we go on.

So we made 30 cooking videos in June, and we will continue making a video a day from here onward. Vegetarian, of course, since we are strict vegetarians. Not on account of religion - we are not religious at all - but because we like animals too much.

Making a video a day is like keeping a diary of what we eat in a particular month - because, of course, we eat what we cook - and it has been interesting and eye-opening to discover what a variety of healthy and delicious things we do eat on a regular basis. I had never really given it that much of a thought before. And, more excitingly, there is the long - almost endless - array of the wonderful food that we are still to cook and eat.

You can see the videos here - https://www.youtube.com/user/MaysunInC