Photos – Kadambini Panse

Cold and windy today. The dogs had a nice gallop around the garden and then they came right in. We have cosmos flowers all year round; the plants are one or two feet tall right now, but in the Monsoon they can shoot up to eight or nine feet. The lemon tree is in flower; the lemons are marvelous, thin-skinned and juicy. No mangoes from the Haphus tree this year. It nearly died, but it’s recovering now, we’re SO relieved. I'd phoned the Nursery for help and they said, chop it down. Callous people. The Internet was more helpful. Apply ash and neem oil to the bark – cow dung is better, but the woman at the neighborhood tabela is reluctant to part with it – our cows haven’t shit in a long while, she said. I’m seriously considering going to the Panjarpola and adopting a cow. I already have two dogs, as you see. What’s one more joy?