Photo - Kadambini Panse

The east corner of the garden seen through a hole in the garden wall. The wall is being plastered and the hole was made to hold the bamboo platform for the plasterers to work on.

The window on the right belongs to my new studio. You turn around that corner and along a little curving path to the lotus pond. Another path goes straight ahead to what is going to be the new flower garden.

That's the Singapore coconut tree on the left, with the creeper growing up the trunk. We're hoping the creeper becomes strong enough to climb up on. Getting the coconuts down is a major hassle currently. We get a pretty good crop twice a year.

Behind the coconut, on the left, is the Bhendi Gulab tree. It was in a bad shape in May-June, but has recovered wonderfully. The first photo shows what it looks like in the morning, and the second was taken in the afternoon.