I’m revamping my children’s illustration portfolio on Maysun In C. I’m working entirely in water-color and should get a good amount of work done by the end of the month.

I met the little girl in this illustration in Badrinath in Uttaranchal. I was looking for a Bhutia puppy and her family had the last one from their dog’s litter. The lady said, take it, but the little girl set up a loud wail. It was her puppy, the lady explained, but don’t worry about it, take it, we’ll get her another one.

Of course I didn’t take the puppy. I know I would have wailed myself if someone had tried to take mine. I almost did actually once when I agreed to let a man adopt a puppy we had and didn’t think we could keep. I worried about how he would treat him – he said he wanted a ‘fierce, guard dog’. I finally decided, no, he couldn’t have him, anyone that wanted to turn a friendly puppy into a ‘fierce animal’ probably wouldn’t make a good companion. In any case, he never turned up to collect him. The puppy grew up to be Chubary, a big-hearted fellow, but, really, a complete coward.