The first storyboard for 'Living in Disharmony'. This is the rough version, of course. I still have to ink in the details.

We've been polishing the Maysun In C website a little more. We've sprouted more leaves, added two sub pages and there are now two butterflies on the front page. The blue one leads to this blog and the pink will lead to the shop when we set that up. We're still working on it.

I've also been making a list of what I would like to have on this blog. I want to keep a track of our work and what we do next, of course, and use this space as a creative, learning outlet as well.

Which means I'll be -

  • Posting a drawing/artwork regularly, preferably something experimental that I haven't tried before. This is a goad for me to experiment and not just go with what comes easy.
  • Researching and writing on art periods/art genres/art techniques/art makers. 'Art' can be Painting or Illustration or Printing or Photography or Sculpture or Music or Animation or Film Making. And so on. It's not boxed-in.
  • Making a note of whatever I find inspiring. And there's a lot out there. :-)